Nannies: Perfect for the Working Parent


Being a working parent in Jacksonville can be challenging, especially when trying to find quality childcare for the time while you’re at work. There are a good few options out there, daycare, babysitters and nannies. We won’t count daycare in this article because quality is hard to determine concretely. Babysitters and Nannies are definitely the way to go. It’s in-home so the child feels comfortable and keeps their normal routine. And we can control their environment, so no random ear infections or illnesses from other kids. We know who is caring for the child directly and know that their background is squeaky clean from agency screening.

Now that you decided on in-home care, you have to choose whether to go with a babysitter or a nanny. Babysitter are great for fill in care, like date nights or someone to stay the night when you have to go on a business trip. But most working parents need full time care to accommodate their busy schedules. Plus routine is important for children, so to find a great family nanny the kids can rely on and build a friendship with is extremely important for their developmental well being. This is why I recommend using a nanny agency.

Nanny Agencies are wonderful because they make it so much easier to connect with high-quality childcare professionals. Some agencies like My Kensington Nanny & Home Services offer life-time replacement in their Nanny Care Plan which is their permanent placement option. They know that some nannies are just better qualified for specific ages. So while your children grow, you can feel at ease when you begin to feel they need a new nanny. My Kensington Nanny Agency will find the perfect match for your older children at no additional charge. Click Here to find out more about My Kensington Nanny Agency‘s screening, services and Care Plans. Click here if you are an experienced nanny looking for a great family.